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Download Page of the Merten Lab

On this page we offer the download of software for controlling microfluidic systems and AutoCAD files as used in our publications. The files can be used free of charge for academic purposes, according to our academic license. Please note that this does not cover any commercial applications.

Commercial users are kindly asked to contact our Tech Transfer Office for terms and conditions on licenses for professional use.

Download ressources:

Efficient cell pairing in droplets using dual-color sorting (Hu H. et al., Lab on a Chip, 15(20):3989-93, 2015)

Microfluidic train station: Highly robust and multiplexable sorting of droplets on electric rails (Frenzel D. and Merten C.A., Lab on a Chip, 17(6):1024-1030, 2017)

Single-Virus Droplet Microfluidics for High-Throughput Screening of Neutralizing Epitopes on HIV Particles (Chaipan C*, Pryszlak A* et al., Cell Chemical Biology, 24(6):751-757, 2017)

In case you have further questions or simply want to provide feedback please send an email.